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  • Services

    • Supply of Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Equipment.
    • Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of various Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems as follows:
      • Deluge System
      • Aspirating Smoke Detector System
      • Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing System
      • Fire Hydrant System
      • Sprinkler System
      • Fire Hose Reel Cabinet
      • Foam Extinguishing Systems
      • Detection System
      • Fire Alarm System
      • Hazard Management System
      • Minifog Econaqua Water Mist System
      • Oxeo Eco Prevent
      • Clean Agent System ( Argon, FM 200 Nitrogen & Carbon Monoxide System )
    • Carry out all maintenance works for above mentioned systems.
    • Supply of Fire Retardant Coating Materials for Cable Coating Penetration Seal, Steel Structure Protection
    • Maintenance, Inspection & Refilling of all types of Fire Extinguishers, using a well equipped workshop

    Deluge System

    Dry Powder System

    Aspirating Smoke Detector System

    Sprinkler System

    Oxeo Eco Prevent

    Foam System

    Minifog Econaqua Water Mist System


    Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems